Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d be happy to discuss how we can handle all your large-format print needs.


-I’m concerned about color. Can I supply you with a color proof and ensure that my job will print to that?
We understand that this is a concern with many designers. Please understand, however, that every output device is different. An inkjet proof is a completely different output than that of a Fiery proof, for example. The colors you see on a monitor are still only emulated and are dependent on everything from the monitor manufacturer to the age of the monitor. On top of this, your job is run often along with many others on the same sheet. Calibrating the press to one individual job may very well shift the color for all the others. The middle ground to all this is that if you are (or use) a professional designer, the most reliable way to guarantee accurate color is to use a Pantone Spot-to-Process swatch book. Just remember to convert to CMYK after designing with spot colors! Our production machines and presses are calibrated to the standard CMYK Colorsync profile. The biggest element in how color renders is the stock that it is printed on; ours is a bright white banner that is optimized for color reproduction.
-Do you supply a color proof before the job goes to press?
Yes, but it will delay your order and there will be some additional cost. All orders requesting a color proof will be taken off the run schedule until a mailed and signed proof has been received back to us. Costs for a (Composite) printed proof are $40, an emailed PDF or JPEG proof can also be ordered for $10. A complimentary proof can be requested for orders of 50 units or more, with the same restrictions and delays applied.
-My design contains graphics from the web. Is that okay?
Web images are normally 72dpi screen resolution JPEGs in RGB color mode. For print they must be saved as CMYK and, unless the web image was a very large resolution to begin with, a waiver must be signed to acknowledge that you understand it’s going to print with a jagged and likely an unappealing result.
-What about PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, or Microsoft Publisher?
PDF is acceptable sometimes, depending on the format – email us and we’ll take a look. Microsoft PowerPoint, Word or Publisher files are unacceptable.
-What file formats do you accept?
We will accept TIFF, Photoshop EPS, and Illustrator compatible EPS and AI files. Image formats are acceptable with the following conditions: Bitmap and JPEG images should be 300 dpi at 25% of print size. At full size they should be at least 100 DPI, they will be flattened and saved as CMYK. Vector files such as AI and EPS must have fonts converted to paths and be in CMYK.
-Can I see a layout of the custom design before I give my credit card number?
For a custom design, contact us with the size of banner, fontstyle and text you want on your banner. If its a simple design, we will send a layout to you via email by the next business day, but usually within a few hours. We will send a revised proof with the requested changes if there are any problems with the design. You will not be charged until you approve the layout and your banner is in production. However, for more intensive graphic designs a small deposit may be required.
-How do I hang my banner?
Our banners come with metal grommets in every corner and at intervals of 2 to 4 feet around the banner’s edge, or arranged however you. Through these grommets you can use bungee cords, zip ties or ropes to hang your banner on buildings or between poles. It is important that you use all grommets supplied on the banner for fastening. The banner material is very strong but only using a portion of the grommets will cause extra stress and may cause the grommets tear out. There are additional finishing options (such as stitched pole pockets) you can select using the checkout form on the left side, additional costs apply.
-Can I get a double-sided or special size banner?
Yes! Our basic price is for a one-sided banner, but all of our banners are made to order and we frequently ship double-sided banners. We can also create banners at ANY size you need, justcontact us by email to tell us the dimensions, quantity and layout information for your banner. We’ll respond back with a quote and the turnaround time.
-Am I limited on the number of colors on my banner?
No! We can produce your banner in one color, multiple colors or full color. We always print every color of your uploaded file, at no additional charge.
-Can I include logos or graphics on my banner?
Yes! Logos and graphics are always available to add a personal touch to your banner. Simplyemail us any desired graphics for your finished design, or use the file upload tool in the checkout form on the left side of the page. If you have a logo or some clip art you’d like to use in an unfinished design, just send us what you have. Fastbanners can help with the design, just email us what you have in mind. We will give you a custom quote on the additional cost that may apply before beginning your banner design.